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  1. Got banned awhile back for blatantly using relax in multi on a throwaway account, nothing new or special sadly.
  2. Lurker

    How do i sex?

    Val0108 is better
  3. why do you wanna stream with it ._.
  4. Wow grats Lol, 1 week later *hits 900PP* Damn using relax on an unbanned main. You sure let your balls hang lol
  5. Since your making a new account you got to watch out for your graph if you sky rocket up they will report you w.w osu/report
  6. damn you got balls to go cheat on stream lol
  7. One day someone is gonna write a bombshell in here and make everyone's mouth dropped by there evading experience and support experience.
  8. Recently bought an account from him, nice stats and price and took time to explain how the trade works without getting mad at my frequently dumb questions. He also made me a promise and made me blush 10/10 would do it again.


  9. Oh this is far better, then that previous long list thanks again!
  10. Are they always being sold in December - January for lifetime or only some years?
  11. 1. I got banned before by a friend who told on me on reddit that I had multiple account (using 2 separate comp) even tho, he didn't care till I reached his rank lol Sadly he was the only person who knew about it. 2. I got banned years ago for using relax hack when it was new on the old AQN and osu! could check what your running in the background and take screenshot. 3. I once was evading and a top player of the country flag I was playing in, kept spectating and asking questions and i got banned few hours later. (wasn't even standard mode, I havn't played standard mode si
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