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  1. They made essays and videos about spare, but hes still balling with all them Ads and sponors on twitch.
  2. That's odd... shouldn't have happen if its just loggin in on the website.
  3. You have to wait 12 hours or ask rumoi for a reset. You logged in from a different computer/laptop
  4. Hello Horrific, If your using the master package and you want to cheat on your main, I would advise you *my opinion and experience from watching others get there wings clipped*, is that if your new to cheating and especially if you wanna do something on your main you have the following options: Gonna assume your STD main, Use enlighten *AR and/or Hidden legacy* 99.95% safe, unless you go god mode with your own skills and people start questioning you. (do not remove flashlight, its safe but your on your own pal.) Aim-Assist always good and safe especially if your
  5. lol going hard with that booster XD are you using half time to get higher hourplay per playcount nice idea for a crazy plan :v
  6. I only used enlighten in tournament before and probably only one that I consider safe for it, you could do replay editor but not an std player.... so idk how blatant they can look with staffs watching etc. Timewarp is verrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy iffffffffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy even if its 1-10% :x your gonna have to hope they believe you have internet delay and such.
  7. No, since your already registerd, tracked on the current IP adress. HD hack works well for standard there are 2 modes for HD (in legacy) Osu doesnt track what you run in your task manager and such anymore for a few years now, from what I heard and gather as info. ye can work, even tho if you use RX your score won't submit, unless akatsuki has one of those RX game mode leaderboard. Idk why not, just don't do anything stupid? Like you probably have a higher chance of getting banned in general on Bancho then you have on a private server. (seeing as you probably have had a
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