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  1. Hi Sadly no, you have to buy a hack to use dejavu. If your a STD only player buy either replay editor/enlightment there the most famous for those players and just use the dejavu. Keep them disabled if you dont use them 😮 there are quite some people who just want to use dejavu only. Yes, Dejavu has an autoload function (have never used it before, because i just rather enable it manually you can have up to 51 dejavu slots(51 accounts)). Umm yes and no kinda iffy here, but From what I have gathered around and try myself, If your logged in on an account on osu with your dejavu/vpn and your logged in on the website with a different account (restricted or not) it wont cause both to get banned, butttttt this doesn't mean you have to do it. You never know if they might change there system one way or the other. But I think in this situation its better if you just use google chrome or any browser and use Incognito mode so it doesn't keep anything behind on your comp. *microsoft edge Ik yuck has an option to auto clear upon closing browser* but you dont need to do this. most people just log in on the website with multiple accounts. Nope, like I said alot of people use this website just for the dejavu to evade/multi-account/have fun I would say no, but >-> on some laptop ive manage to make an account and play but that was long time ago (atleast 5 years ago) and if they prob check they would find it. But I would highly advise not to try it, you don't wanna ruïn your appeal chance. Don't quote me, but most likely hard drive only >x>
  2. Playing with fire using cheat engine tho :×
  3. Yes you will be restricted even if you use vpn. You need to change your hwid or use dejavu here. And you have more attention to your unbanned account suppose, but there are few users who get unbanned and still cheat on there unbanned account and havnt been caught.
  4. No problem, when your hack/script/bot expire, your gonna have to renew it via the manage purchase section in store. Have fun cheating/evading 😛
  5. Click store Pick an amount and check out 😛
  6. 6-12x the current price but usually 6x so timewarp and every other 10$ would cost 60-120$ (suppose usually 60) and stuff like Replay editor cost (150$)
  7. nice you should still remove the dates thooooo :v unless you really dont care Lol
  8. Its good 😛 your dates are removed, plus you got confident in the cheats to use it on your unrestricted main haha
  9. Aslong as you dont forget to load the dejavu slot and VPN, when playing on that other account you should be fine. But if you forget GG lol
  10. how many years ago did that computer get banned. your most likely won't be able to pass the account registration, if your computer is tainted when it asks you to log in to verify. If your computer is new new then use vpn you never know if your IP is still banned. Your best bet (safest) is to use dejavu which you will get by purchasing any bot/hack here that way you got 50 (excluding slot 0) account slots (which means 50-51 accounts you can make/manage).
  11. click Home on your keyboard and see if it opens up again 😮
  12. is your launcher not opening or is stuck on loading..... after you pick enlighten and press load? Also not running it as administrator can cause problems sometimes.
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