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  1. Nice seller, you can trust him. 😄

  2. Selling my own personal account. Additional information only if you're interested. Price: 50$ Discord: cute neko loli#4613
  3. 2.5k+ pp 15k+ PC, Finland I only accept offers with changeable E-Mail. My price range is 10$ - 20$. DM me offers or add me on Discord. cute neko loli#4613
  4. reg date doesn't matter, pc doesn't matter, country germany, poland, luxembourg, france or tell me and I'll decide Discord: lavasioth#4613
  5. +rep, fastest seller I've seen so far.

  6. Theoretical the best way is to record in more fps than you usually record with. For example percentage; 1.4 divided by 1.5, 60 (FPS) times that value and time it back with less fps in a editing software.
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