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  1. animewhite


    Just selling an dropped clean account of mine. Created and played on with Dejavu. Country: Discord: AnimeWhite#4613
  2. Stole my friends account and unrestricted it because I was there when he got banned and I spy out his history on osu :^)
  3. some1 needs to buy this XD
  4. My advice for 2day: Never buy anything on PlayerUp! Scammer alert: matihere

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    2. Kiyoko_s_legit


      thats a good advise


    3. bruh


      Lmao I get it

    4. TheBiggestMeme


      who the fuck buys on playerup

  5. You can just say how much rounded pp, pc and reg date (E.g.: 4k pp, 20k pc 2011 reg; whilst real may be: 4414pp 24241 pc and end 2011 reg) it has then the thread creator may know if he'd consider that one. Remember: Clean means just created nearly as NO stats at all, meaning 0 - 100pp.
  6. He's not wrong though. Clean accounts go for 5$ - 8$ & nobody cares about "rare" name or not tbh, try to find a buyer that'll buy an overly overpriced clean account for 40$...
  7. +rep Nice seller and friendly. 

  8. +rep good luck on getting new knife
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