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  1. i have buy an account and everything is good thank you ^^


  2. Min. 500pp & Reg < / = 2015 My budget is 10-14$ Discord: AnimeWhite#4613
  3. Price: 25$ Discord: AnimeWhite#4613 / DM me on here
  4. It was actually just the vpn, I reset everything like I should and nowadays it works completly fine
  5. Also your appeal is way too short, they will always decline it if you not explain it in detail and say that you're sorry.
  6. I would have gotten Poland 4k pp and 150h. 20$
  7. Report him to rumoi, he will ban him in seconds.
  8. Very nice seller. 😄

  9. I got restricted over 5 times in a row because of ultimate NordVPN, s/o. Well I used hacked accounts but still never use NordVPN to create account xdxdxd
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