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  1. omg r u real cook easy?> please boost me!!?!
  2. dont buy detected and shit customer care lol
  3. 99.99% this is Milan who scams people. Dont buy lol. He told me when he tried scamming me. he uses the same shitty english.
  4. dont come in my dm with your "i cant show you details" or "im not home" bullshit just fucking sell me a 4 digit bump
  5. its not going to happen rumoi is quitw
  6. VPN is required and hwid etc change aswell. 1K pp isnt worth 20$ more like 5$.
  7. Only way to Multi without a restriction; - New Motherboard - Private Cheat with spoofer - HWID Spoof - Switch from Sata windows drive to nvme and reinstall windows - Dont be retarded and go over 40PP etc
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