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  1. Selling a very unqiue and high tier aged osu! account with many unique scores. Details; - mid 4 digit (5k~) - over 50K playcount - over 700H - created <2014 Taking offers BIN: 250€ Payment: BTC or Paypal https://sentinelosu.github.io/site/ https://discord.com/invite/spXuVQcxkk
  2. idk who are trying to scam me but you guys are so dog shit at scamming please step up your game
  3. not looking for specific accounts just needs to be reasonable playcount/time for its rank. I may not buy it if the rank is so bad (100K+) takes to much time to get up. If I am NOT recieving the email which was used for creation I will not buy it prefered: between #50K - #1 playcount/time: ideal would be 30K+ buying paypal or bitcoin will require proof of ownership Sentinel#7398
  4. Gex1e


    170€ best deal you will ever get
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