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  1. Legit account, never cheated - Graph Country is Malaysia Add me on Discord: Tosser#3410
  2. lorum ipsum#1570
  3. I’m still doing it. Discord: lorum ipsum#1570
  4. I need some practice, so I'm willing to fake liveplays for people. At the moment, I'm away from home which means I'm working with my laptop. Until I'm home, all I can fake is a liveplay done by yourself with timewarp; where I will speed the audio back to the speed required, and make the audio sound as normal as possible. Once I'm back home that part will be removed. Once back home I can offer more. I will be able to record the liveplays for you, so you won't need to do anything yourself. I would also be able to fake liveplays using relax, and make it look like the keys match with the handcam; without replay editor. We can negotiate a price per minute if needed, but at the moment my base price is $3 per minute. Comment your Discord, I will add you and we will discuss further.
  5. Cryptic


    Continue your bull shit please
  6. Bought an account from this person, he went first and everything was smooth! Recommend buying from this user.

  7. Cryptic


    DONT deal with this user. He scammed me €25 for this account, amd he also attempted to scam @Caspar. If you would like evidence, just ask! Scammers should be banned from here and hopefully @Kevor @rumoi do something about it.
  8. Don't think so, happening to me on private servers too.
  9. Do you get score submission failed? If so, I'm getting this too.
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