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  1. Cryptic

    Do you get banned perm if you cheat?

    If you're smart in the first place you won't even get restricted and you will be able to cheat perfectly fine. Use the right settings, and don't have a blatant increase in skill/ranks and you'll be fine. I took an account from 70k to 2k in 6 months and never got restricted.
  2. Cryptic

    Can I unsubscribe?

    No problem.
  3. Cryptic

    Can I unsubscribe?

    Contact support through help option, but probably not. You can also switch the subscription to another of the same value through support also.
  4. Cryptic


  5. Cryptic


    Yes, rules state using a VPN is allowed.
  6. Cryptic

    Enlighten AR

    I'm having a problem where even though I've set Enlighten AR to 10, when I play a map it shows the original AR; the only way I can get it to work is to use the stream skin which I don't want to use unless I'm streaming. Any ideas?
  7. Cryptic

    Selling Osu Account #2K

    Bought account from him, all went smooth. Close thread please.
  8. Cryptic

    Selling Osu Account #2K

    Overpriced af btw, pm'd you on Twitter; you'll never get that much for it though
  9. Cryptic

    (WTB) osu! account

    Yeah I did know, it was a different country so that's the only reason why
  10. Cryptic

    (WTB) osu! account

    Yeah I know, that's why I said I'm open to other offers. I got a account from 6 digit to 4 digit, but forgot to use Dejavu & VPN and got caught out - otherwise it wouldn't be restricted smh
  11. Cryptic

    (WTB) osu! account

    Hey, looking to buy an account for personal use. I'm not looking to cheat on the account, but if the scores has cheated scores I dont mind. I can get 400pp scores, so an account that's at least 7k would be helpful for me not to look suspicious. I don't mind if it means I have to play lower, I'll take any account thats 15k or lower. Idc about playtime and playcount, as long as the account is atleast 1.5 years old I don't mind. On a budget of about $15, $20 if its a must. If you have an account please reply with it's stats (profile link I'll ask for privately, as I don't want the account leaked for safety reasons) and I'll tell you if I want it, and I'll give you my Discord. Thanks!
  12. Cryptic

    Replay Editor

    Do you have a Discord by any chance? Might need to ask a few questions ;3
  13. Cryptic

    Replay Editor

    will there be customization? may use this cus my acc is shit but i dont want it to be like perfect where it SS's everything
  14. Cryptic

    Replay Editor

    I'm thinking of buying the replay editor but before I do, I'd like to know something. Does it work with the relax mod? Not the cheat, the in-game mod. Thanks