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  1. Cryptic


    Continue your bull shit please
  2. Bought an account from this person, he went first and everything was smooth! Recommend buying from this user.

  3. Cryptic


    DONT deal with this user. He scammed me €25 for this account, amd he also attempted to scam @Caspar. If you would like evidence, just ask! Scammers should be banned from here and hopefully @Kevor @rumoi do something about it.
  4. I’ve got $22 to spend. I’m looking for an account between rank 10k-20k (if you want to sell me a higher ranked acc sure, but i doubt it’ll have good playcount etc. for the price). Playcount & playtime I’d like to be legit, so possibly 60k+ playcount and 100hr playtime; so most likely level 100 If you’ve got an account, add my Discord: James.#1218 (Dont forget the . after James in my disc tag)
  5. Don't think so, happening to me on private servers too.
  6. Do you get score submission failed? If so, I'm getting this too.
  7. Hey. I'm offering to boost Bancho accounts, for FREE! All scores will be legit (unless its something far out of my skill range). You can request what rank/sort of plays you want to me, and I will do my best to complete your requirement. Please note that I will do it in stages, and take my time because if you're planning on looking legit you don't want to be boosted to where you want to be right away, or you'll be restricted. Of course, if you don't care about being restricted I can do it all at once. All I will need is your Bancho login (obviously), and the country you use to login so I can use a VPN in that country. Comment your D i s c o r d and I will add you and we can discuss what you would like done.
  8. Want to buy any account that is 4/5 digit and has decent playcount/time and a somewhat decent account, I don't want an account that goes from 200k to 8k in like 2 weeks lmao. Add me on Discord: reflectors#1337
  9. Looking to buy any bancho account that is 5/4 digit, any country with decent play count and hours (idc about playcount or hours as long as it looks like legit improvement, and not a multiaccount getting 300pp plays in a few months lmao). Budget of about $50 but I can stretch it if it's an account I'm desperate for. Add me on discord: James // reflectors#6384
  10. Cryptic

    Lifetime subs?

    Does anyone know when Master Lifetime subs are gonna be released, and how much they'll cost? My sub just ran out and idk if its worth me buying a new sub or waiting for lifetime to come out. I've heard it'll be like christmas but I don't want to wait 2 weeks to not be able to play smh
  11. If you're smart in the first place you won't even get restricted and you will be able to cheat perfectly fine. Use the right settings, and don't have a blatant increase in skill/ranks and you'll be fine. I took an account from 70k to 2k in 6 months and never got restricted.
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