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  1. What play did you do? If it really didn't show up on osu!report it must've been a really "sick" play... or an "insane" improvement. Has it been 24h? You could also try to contact support and send them a live play to prove your innocence.
  2. How would they know when did you start cheating?
  3. Is it just me or for some reason if you turn it off sometimes relax go retard mode (holds keypress and then starts spamming like you were doing a stream)
  4. He actually has a thread about his settings.
  5. As the title says, an option so spinners would be clicked with secondary click. I don't think this is hard to do (But I'm not sure) and it would be really good for tap x since all tap x mouse players I know (Peachick) do spinners with secondary click. edit: or an option so relax doesn't click for spinners
  6. No I'm not sure I was just wondering if this relax looked like that.
  7. Thank you so much for responding so quickly 😄 Also when I buy it I'll try your settings and see how it works.
  8. 1) So I've read (I think) every thread about relax, reviews and everything trying to look the answer to this, everyone says that it is really good, and doesn't look blatant, but a couple days ago I saw this on reddit their hit error bar just flies around randomly during streams, which is very not human like. Usually you'd expect the hit error bars to be pretty close to each other during streams. so I was wondering how the error bar looks when you stream with this relax, could any member that has access to it show me on a video (long stream if possible) @JustWantedToBeGood I menctioned you cause you seem very active and helpful 🙂 2) Does it have a mouse only style? (I remember reading that it was going to be soon, but I'm not sure when was that post from) Thanks.
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