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  1. Anyone know an UD Taiko Bot?
  2. Saw there were cheats for taiko and mania, wondered if there was one for ctb.
  3. Great feature. If more fleshed out, could be a module of its own. Interested to see how much stronger it can get while looking legit.
  4. As I wrote above I'm looking to buy a STD account. It doesn't have to be 4 digit, but I would like something close to that. Pretty much any region is ok, but South Korea and Germany are preferred. I don't have exact numbers to ask for, but I also need reasonable playcount and time played. I know this is pretty specific, so I understand if no one has an account like this, but if anyone does hmu at my discord Buni#5878 Thanks!
  5. Hi, I recently purchased the relax hack and have been loving it. The problem is, my parents are divorced, and I have two houses/pcs. I'd like to play with the cheat at both places, I just don't know if it is possible, as some other cheats have HWID things to prevent multiple people using one subscription (I wouldn't have multiple people, just me). I completely understand why those are in place, I just wondered if that was the case for this cheat, and if so, is there any way I could make it work for both? I love the hack, I just don't feel it would be worth paying for two of the subscriptions a
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