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  1. Buy tokens and get a subscription to any one of the hacks - I recommend timewarp or the replay editor since they're both pretty easy to use. After you inject into osu, the aim assistance is in the 'misc' category in the AQN menu.
  2. Exactly as the title says. Would be nice to be able to actually adjust your timing visually :>
  3. I don't recommend that you use cracked vpns because you have no idea what has been done to the installer/executable but if you really want I have a crack of betternet that works. As deallly has said above, protonvpn is pretty decent as long as you don't mind repeatedly making accounts. But if you do have a bit of loose change, it is really worth the subscription to a reputable vpn, like proton or cyberghost.
  4. Turn on streamer mode, and there is a setting to allow you to use mouse to control the offset. LMB = early and RMB = late. ofc this only works if you play with mouse, so idk about tablet players, My thought would be to remap your pen buttons or something. This works even if you have disabled mouse buttons during gameplay (in fact, you should do this). This will allow you to press any other two keys to the beat.
  5. It works for any secondary account you create that isn't your main. And you can be kind of sure that being restricted is basically being banned. You can decide not to create another account, wait 3 months, appeal and hope you're let back in the game and be more careful about how you do things, or you can take a risk and create a second account. It's not particularly risky unless you're doing something really wrong.
  6. Hi, stupid question, but how well does the relax act on these kinds of maps? My major concern is that recently some other guy on osureport was restricted after playing too well on maps with such patterns as the image attached.
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    K1: Singletaps mainly on K1/always starts on K1 when full alternating K2: Singletaps mainly on K2/starts on K2 when full alternating tapX: singletaps using M1 and streams using M1/K2, a bit like how dokidokilolixx plays
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