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  1. just got ripped by bancho and my account was around 20k so i want to buy one that is also around 20k i would prefer a high play count, i can do bitcoin or paypal just add me on disc! disc: caspar#1388
  2. i got banned as well....
  3. So... "Wait late" should I have that on or not? It's been a minute since I used relax so. Also, what's a good UR to get some 100s and not SS every single map I play lol. I'm like top 30k
  4. osu detects more than just your hardware but if you used a vpn then im pretty sure you'll be fine
  5. Caspar


    I have been using Dejavu to play osu for the past month, my sub ran out and I decided to buy a new SSD since I was running out of storage, if I were to redownload osu on that new SSD could I play osu without dejavu? My other 2 SSDs which have been logged/banned by osu are still in my PC.
  6. I can watch your replay and see if I can find anything if you want, what cheat(s) are you using?
  7. Caspar

    osu! offline?

    ahh gotcha. tHanks.
  8. Caspar

    osu! offline?

    Ohhh ok thanks. But what about the azr8 thing? He plays offline or whatever people said and how does he submit his scores...?
  9. Caspar

    osu! offline?

    I hear of people like azr8 who is like top 10 currently and he plays offline. The replay editor @rumoi made is something that I never understood especially when @JustWantedToBeGood showed the tutorial on how to use it and said "submit the play online" it never made sense to me. So how do you play offline and what it the point besides just cheating with a replay editor?
  10. is dejavu working for everyone else?

  11. Caspar


    I see people having a "Misc" tab where it opens and you have free supporter and stuff. When I inject Relax and Enlighten it doesn't open Enlighten when I click home. It just opens Relax so I have no idea how to navigate the menu 😞
  12. @JustWantedToBeGood what are your relax settings? when I leave the note a little early it just flat out gives me a miss
  13. Caspar


    Any good relax settings? not too sure how to configure it myself
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