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Everyone will have to register a new account, if you had a subscription please use your email that you had on your old AQN account!

To transfer your old subscriptions you need the same email as your previous Aquila account as you register.


You can transfer subscriptions by clicking here once you have verified your email.

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  1. Caspar


    Thanks. I've been playing, just like beating 1 and 2 star maps for a couple days now. I have like 80pp. it's so boring tho. i would honestly just prefer to play offline just so I can play at my actual level haha. when do you think I will be able to play properly? It's been like 4 days and I have 80pp
  2. Caspar


    Ok. I have a dynamic IP address/modem so I can change it easily. Is there any tutorials on how to use Dejavu?
  3. Caspar


    I want to buy Dejavu because I'm getting the server-sided error. Will this fix that? I literally just want to play legit, I just cheated for fun one time and now i've been cucked!
  4. Ok firstly, why do you guys make it so we have to buy tokens to purchase the software but not define how many tokens you need in ratio to the amount of money the program costs. For example, Dejavu + Enlighten says $10. 1000 Tokens is $10 so I'm %99 sure if I buy 1000 tokens that would translate into $10 currency, but why not just make it say 1000 tokens instead of $10?? Also, are all the programs undetected on Bancho/Main servers?