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  1. or you just replay the map offline, edit it and you got a new replay? idk seems much faster and easier to me atleast
  2. works fine for me, have you tried the new and the old loader/menu ?
  3. isnt that cheating? boosting your rank by letting other people play? either way, with that money i would rather buy a sub for a month, have more fun and a lower risk of getting banned. both options are cheating
  4. 1. currently undetected, cheat at your own risk or get a second account 2. you can stream with it, but it draws a second overlay on top of osu instead of using your actual skin
  5. Just a guess: try enabling streamer mode
  6. +rep, bought an account.

    i accidentally made a mistake but he was nice enough to give me the account anyways, thanks again!

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