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  1. I just use timewarp and auto with a macro to reset the map roughly 3/4 of the way through. Play count isn't everything, total hits is a factor to...dude with 5k playcount playing only 2k+ combo maps until the end every time will seem more experienced then a guy who's got 20k playcount backing out of sotarks tv spam every 20 seconds. I've got about 20 odd multis on 30k to 60k playcount that look like diehard players playing 3-5 minutes maps 500-800 times. Obviously...don't do it on an account you care about...just do it to build the account up, leave it a bit before playing then start. I've got several accounts in the top1000 at this point and 2 of them very high ranked.... I did most of them without timewarp just to say, you can get to 40k playcount quite fast and still have zero pp (although I usually play a little bit now and again between playcount, not sure if literally zero is a good idea just to say...)
  2. Anything that has your hit values spread across a certain range...especially around the UR11 mark on OD8 DT will miraculously spread all your hits across the entire 300 range...if people spot this on multiple plays its blatant relax and doesn't look legit at all compared to how a good player - who consistently sets scores, has high level aim and reading would hit notes...it would be low UR and a tight hit spread. Sometimes the odd over/understream to drop acc. Varies depending on the map ofc. Miss-aiming is completely out of the question now with all the losers on Osu report who seemingly don't even play the game and just hunt people. Advice I would give now is if it's HDDT it's going to be on the leaderboard most likely, so you should be playing the map perfect. No miss aims, aim corrections, no shaky aim, no miraculous 300s multiple times even though you arrive on the note late on a 270bpm burst, no struggling to keep up with the speed...no nothing! Playing the map perfect, and having the experience to suggest you can play it perfect has to be a must now...way to many people specifically looking for these things. Especially aim corrections and the hit spread across the 300 range. Even people who are really low key avoiding leaderboards and everything seem to get found somehow these days
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