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  1. I'm pretty certain that there is a limit at 150 for a reason, if you increase the bpm up to 200/210 basically means that you would single tap 400bpm jumps and that would not exactly look good
  2. I had this problem a couple of weeks ago and the answer i got from Rumoi was that it was a name server issue. It will most likely solve itself, be patient.
  3. Put it to 14 and use ctrl/alt to manually control late/early hits.
  4. Liaaam


    Make sure to disable your anti virus or atleast add the files as an exception.
  5. Holy that's sick, Will this actually be dropping or you just showcasing?
  6. Just be careful is what I am trying to say, having a ahk that automatically restarts at different times would probably be more safe as it would seem more legit and actually done by a human. The failed scores disappear after 24 hours so after that time you're safe and the chance that someone checking your profile has that chrome extension is not high but it could happen and if it does then you're screwed for sure.
  7. The problem with this is that people can check your failed scores aswell in the recent plays by using an extension on chrome, so they'll see that you have restarted that map over and over and over again at the almost exact same score with the same keypresses and all.
  8. Vulgar language for being 13 tbh, oh wait. It's 2018 nvm
  9. Uhm, may I ask how do I actually use it? Never tried Bongo Cat before so Idk how to use it
  10. Liaaam

    How long?

    He asked before he can do 300pp plays, not have 300pp. This will take longer than that, I'd say 3-4 months atleast
  11. Yeah you're right about that, do you know any other way that would work? Maybe a mix of auto replay + no miss or something?
  12. Idk if general discussion is a good place to post this but just move it if I am wrong. Anyway, Is there any way to boost your playtime effectively? Like some kind of restart bot or something like that, I was thinking a mix of a restart bot + auto but idk If you have any suggestions then please tell me. Cheers
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