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  1. nope, cheats dead. Rumoi left.
  2. So ur telling me if i bought an account off you.... you have a sure fire method of getting access to said account.
  3. Cool Idea, But theres a MAJOR MAJOR flaw in ur plan. Everytime a new login is detected you HAVE to have OGE to get the verification code to play online or its just useless.
  4. just dont pull a me and get hyped about being unbanned on bancho pull a massive rank decay from 750k to top 27k in 12 hours and ur fine xD
  5. if you've been banned more than once and go in for a second appeal they will keep declining it because they state after the first one that its the "second and FINAL change you get and anything that happens after will be permanent." I saw this when I went for my second one and the SAME stuff thats happening to you is currently happening to me, I got banned back in February of 2018 and put in an appeal on the 1st of 2020 and they said my three month time wasnt up and are in the progress of telling me the same exact things.
  6. +Rep was very nice, Paid and pretty much got the account instantly even offered to change the email for me. 10/10 Would buy again I recommend.
  7. I honestly have no clue if this has been posted before but I thought Id post it again if it has. This request isn't anything insane or cheat breaking but... can we get a key input block? like we can block out our z and x key so we can still tap them but not mess up the relax bot. It'd be nice to have encase you're forced to do hand cam for private servers and verification and such.
  8. @rumoi is it of the time for lifetime subs yet sir? ive waited all year ;-;
  9. OK, Well lets hope I can get in for lifetime cuz I love it and you rumoi
  11. Futa

    Vaxei 1kpp

    i wanna call cheats sooo imma call cheats even tho i know its legit hes cheating
  12. @rumoi just joining the @ trend
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