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  1. the same thing happens to me.. injected, and then switched to osu tab.. it automatically went to song selection and then back to main menu where it crashed instantly. no idea what happened. :d
  2. Hello. So simple thing. Since the new update there is this blue button that shows, that the program is loaded where you can also configurate the program First of all, I don't really understand why this is a thing now or whatever.. But that doesn't bother me that much. What really does tho, is the fact that this blue thingy stays in the right top corner even if I start a map. And that confuses me alot while playing. So maybe lets get that removed with new update? :3 Thanks in advance, ly
  3. Another question tho. It does say that the loader needs an update, but it also says that I should update from the forums. Is this still worked on? 🙂 But thanks for that easy transfer system haha ^^
  4. Would you PM me aswell? :3 Thanks in advance New site looks sexy
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