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  1. Kev

    No previous sub

    @Admin Helps if you have the correct email verified to your account here. @jujuju123 I don't see a support ticket or a PM from you.
  2. I wasn't being immature, but if you want to use a blanket statement to refer to how both of us responded so be it.
  3. He want's it to simulate actual key presses so that it will be more inaccurate and more shit.
  4. Enable the alternation override and set the alternation BPM to 1
  5. Also the Silent Auto has 1ms press times and no legit settings in it... You should never think about using it to be "legit"
  6. Yep, that one is my fault. Added in the scaling after most of the features were in and missed adding it to a line. Apparently a pretty important line... Putting out a fix in the next 10-15 min.
  7. Kev


    Compatability mode has to be disabled to render the menu currently. It doesn't sound like you have an issue with running with it off either. You didn't by chance load anything up on another computer right?
  8. Could only see this working in junction with something like the alternating times... It's fully possible to do though.
  9. It's a good idea, it might be something we could do in the future...
  10. Might be cookies left over in the browser...
  11. The BPM calculations for alternating are padded a bit too high. Probably why it's not noticeable on what it does, it's not broken, it works. You just have to set the values about 20-25 bpm higher than where you want it to start forcing alternations.
  12. This looks interesting honestly... The setting up just seems shitty.
  13. Kev

    Lifetime SUBS

    Depended on the program, used to range around $85-150
  14. Possible to use one of us as a middleman... If you can catch one of us at a free time.
  15. - Alternating Stream Window and Slider Ending Stream Window should be added, mainly Slider Ending Stream Window imo Alternating stream window is possible, slider ending stream window is pretty damn near useless with how relax functions now... Not really sure how it would get implemented as it's a completely new system in relax. - Relax should still hit when missing a note to avoid Extra Hits/Effortless Misses It does. You need to aim for the note... It won't press if you're not moving around. - We should be able to stop the spinner by ourselves, either fix that or make so we can Enable/Disable relax spinner I can add a manual spinner option... - Sometimes I get a lot of fast singetaps but I don't know what it's causing that Any chance of getting a replay along with the config values?
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