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  1. Brandon

    9 y/o osu! account

    People post accounts on here all the time for cheaper. You can always make your own thread asking for a specific kind of account and include how much you're willing to pay and a method of contacting you.
  2. Brandon

    How to multi-account

    Good job on the guide
  3. Brandon

    9 y/o osu! account

    Price seems pretty wack. I sold a 3 year old account that was top 900 for $50. I understand it's a very old account you're selling, but ages doesn't mean much without playcount/hours to go along with what the buyer would be doing.
  4. Brandon

    Where is the mouse assist?

    Like Rumoi said it was hardly even functional before. Anyone who looked at your plays closely could tell it was using aim assist. There currently isn't an ETA for the new one though, as Rumoi and Kev are focusing on getting all of the current programs as close to perfect as possible before moving on and working on something else.
  5. Brandon

    are we able to buy tokens via paysafecard?

    The best way to go about buying points with paysafe is by trading with another user in this section here. Just make a thread saying you're trading paysafe card for x amount of points.
  6. Brandon

    Regarding Discord

    We know of a discord that did something similar to that, just renamed the cheats to something else and they're still around. We'll be trying some things in the coming days figure out what works best. A shoutbox is another possibility.
  7. Brandon

    Lifetime SUBS

    Lifetime subs will be brought back at some point. More than likely around Christmas.
  8. Brandon

    Regarding Discord

    Our Discord server as well as Kev's Discord account were recently deleted by Discord staff. We're going to be looking into a few possible work arounds, but for the time being use the forum for all assistance and questions.
  9. Brandon

    Future cheats?

    Kev and Rumoi both have interest in expanding to other games eventually, but they want to get all of the osu! stuff done before doing so.
  10. Brandon

    oi, this is a strange place

    What is up my dude
  11. Alright, if it happens again just make a new thread.
  12. Do you mean that you're unable to make a post here? If so I logged into your account and tested it myself and was able to make posts there.
  13. Brandon

    hi im new

    u mom lol
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  15. Brandon