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To transfer your old subscriptions you need the same email as your previous Aquila account as you register.


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  1. ur moother

  2. solis

    Lifetime Subs of 2018

    After gathering all the seven needed dragon balls for your desired wish. This will then give shenron the power to grant three wishes and remove your dragon balls.
  3. solis

    Selling an Steam account 81 Games

    at max its worth $30 you go off the lowest price of all the games on sale, no steam level not worth shit
  4. solis

    Restricted Right After Creating Account?

    cookies shouldn't matter he's doing something else wrong
  5. solis

    How to multi-account

    I don't know where you heard that but its false brother they don't ip ban.
  6. solis

    How to multi-account

    Do you have an ipv6 ip?
  7. Things you'll need. Dejavu VPN for creating and playing Something to note about the VPN thing ripple will show a multi-accounting warning in their cm channel on discord so you'll need to use a VPN to make the account but you shouldn't need to use it after that if you don't want too. How to use Dejavu. You'll need a valid Dejavu Subscription which includes Enlighten that you can purchase here for $10 a month. Load the AQN loader. Click the Dejavu button. Click on the plus button in an open slot. Put something in the Name field, then press the all button, then press save, then load the game, click on the profile, then press apply. You will need a vpn to make and play on a multi account as of october 2018. After the first you've logged into ripple/gatari or any server based on the ripple source code with Dejavu it's a static hwid you won't need to use Dejavu again on that account, however, this isn't the same for bancho you'll need to use Dejavu everytime you want to play on that account. Ripple/other don't have pp auto restrict so you can play without problems, most have a pp cap of 700. For bancho you'll be able to get 40pp/per 24 hours and will stack until you hit the pp limit on bancho that is 1500pp, A suggestion taking it really slow for a few weeks and you'll be fine. You also can't get on a top 50 leaderboard without 100 play count. Note: this can change at any time if something changes I'll update this page. Thank you for reading, this has been a tutorial by solis.
  8. solis

    Osu!Enlighten + Menu Customization

    why would you need left-ctrl for stopping when you have an option in the menu
  9. solis


    The person above me is gay